27 February 2017
More than Half a Million Tourists Spent Holidays in Arkhyz Since the Resort Was Opened

The tourist flow to All-Season Tourist Resort Arkhyz since its commissioning in December 2013 exceeded half a million people. The dynamics of growth of the number of visitors from season to season amounted to 25% in 2015 and 30% following the results of 2016. According to the forecasts of Joint-Stock Company Northern Caucasus Resorts, Arkhyz ATRC management company, in 2017, the number of visitors to the resort shall increase by 35-40% compared to the last year.

According to Oleg Gorchev, Director General of JSC NCR, dynamics of tourist flow growth is one of the key indicators focused on by potential investors interested in the construction of hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers and other facilities of commercial infrastructure. ‘At the moment, the ski infrastructure facilities in Arkhyz (i.e. three ropeways for 6,600 skiers per hour) significantly outstrip the capacity of accommodation built at the resort. This is a part of the deliberate advance demand strategy, allowing investors to make sure that there is the demand for the tourist destination and enabling the construction of new facilities,’ he explained.

According to the head of the management company, already in the next year, large-scale commissioning of hotels shall start - some 880 accommodation places are to be built by the residents of the resort by the season 2017/2018. ‘In total, at the moment, given the proposals approved at the meeting of the Expert Council at the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia a week ago, residents of the SEZ intend to build about 7,700 places of accommodation at the resort,’ Oleg Gorchev explained. ‘Thus, in the long run, we must align the ratio of the hotel room capacity and, after the introduction of facilities on the north slope, of mountain ski infrastructure capacity that shall make it possible to meet the ever growing tourist demand for holidays at Arkhyz,’ the Director General of JSC NCR concluded.

The milestone half-a-million visitor to Arkhyz was Vladimir Kuleshov from Rostov, who spend February 23 at the resort. According to him, it is his third or forth holidays in Arkhyz already, and he really likes the resort. ‘We will come again, certainly, especially after the today’s victory,’ the guest of Arkhyz said. He was awarded the free week-long ski pass of the resort, an invitation to a snow groomer tour for two persons, and memorable souvenirs with symbols of the resort.