It’s more than for five decades that the Elbrus vicinity region of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic has been a popular place on the tourist map of Russia visited by tens of thousands of sportsmen and amateurs of winter sports from around the world. They are attracted by the opportunity to conquer Elbrus, the highest mountain in Russia and Europe. Its height is 5,642 m.

The modernisation of the legendary resort and the work to bring ski infrastructure in line with the highest world standards were launched in 2014 under the management of JSC NCR.

The priority measures implemented during preparation of the ski trails for the 2014/2015 season include the alignment of the skiing areas, demolition of the old buildings and structures, arranging drainage channels on the slopes, expansion of existing slopes and providing extra protective structures. This work has resulted in the dramatic increase in tourist flow to the Elbrus vicinity region: 140 thousand of ski passes were sold in the 2014/2015 winter season, which is higher than for the whole year of 2014. The opinion poll, conducted by JSC NCR in the Elbrus vicinity region in February 2015, showed that 94% of respondents wanted to return to the resort in the next season.

In 2015, JSC NCR intends to invest over one billion rubles in the further upgrade of the popular resort. The funds are allocated to Construction Stage 3 of the ropeway Mir Station - Gara-Bashi Station up to 3,847 m elevation, and to laying and furnishing tracks. The Elbrus ropeway will become the most elevated one, with no equivalents in Russia and Europe; the lift will also provide free access to the most elevated skiing zone in Europe. In addition, it will be made accessible for use by low mobility persons.

For the future, the Elbrus ATRC Integrated Development Project provides for development of Azau Meadow to ensure a comfortable and safe stay of tourists in the outrun area. Provisions are made for construction of additional accommodation and engineering facilities, allocation of parking space for visitors’ cars, setting up the service area for vacationers, as well as the conditions for the development of catering outlets, rental stores and first aid stations.

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