25 May 2018
The road map to develop a ropeway production industrialization plan in NCFD approved

Today, on May 25, at the booth of the French Republic within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum SPIEF 2018, Joint-Stock Company Northern Caucasus Resorts and POMA S.A.S. signed the action plan (road map) to develop a plan of industrialization of ropeways production in the North Caucasus Federal District and to introduce French ropeway equipment production technologies. The document fixes the areas of further partners’ cooperation within Russian-French Joint Venture National Ropeways, the shareholders agreement on which was signed during the Russian Investment Forum on February 15, 2018.

The Road Map defines the exact sequence of actions of the parties in organizational-and-legal, technological and financial-and-economic spheres, aimed at phased implementation of the project for setting up of a joint venture in the North Caucasus Federal District.

The document was signed by Odes Baysultanov, First Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for North Caucasus Affairs – Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC NCR, and by the President of the Board of Directors of POMA S.A.S. Jean Souchal.

‘Only three months passed since the signing of the shareholders agreement to establish Joint Venture National Rope Ways on the site of the Russian Investment Forum, Joint-Stock Company Northern Caucasus Resorts in Sochi. But due to the fact that both for us and for our French colleagues, the production localization project is a priority, considerable preparatory work has been done in this short period. All organizational and legal procedures were completed, authorized capital was formed, the production base was selected, a list of components to be produced was defined, analysis of the market of potential orders was carried out,’ Odes Baysultanov commented on the signing outcome. ‘Already at the end of 2018, we look forward to receiving the first orders and to start producing the components to be manufactured in the Russian Federation at the first stage of the localization,’ he added.

In accordance with the action plan, until the end of May, the Expert Committee of POMA S.A.S. should check qualification of plant Sevkavrentgen-D in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic, which was selected as the basic production site to start SKD assembly of ropeways. According to the results of qualification confirmation, proposals were prepared for redevelopment and reconstruction of the plant workshop, and to finance these proposals, POMA S.A.S. plans to attract French investment and credit institutions. To ensure the transfer of know-hows and technical solutions, POMA S.A.S. will arrange apprenticeships for technicians of National Ropeways on production sites in France.

President of the Board of Directors of POMA S.A.S. Jean Souchal noted that the French party is ready to provide Russian partners with all necessary expertise, consulting and technical assistance, provide inspection of production at all stages of the establishment of a joint venture for ropeways production. ‘POMA S.A.S. brand is known throughout the world for quality, it is more than 8000 successfully operated lifts on all continents. We are, therefore, sincerely interested in production, within Joint Venture National Ropeways, of high-tech, modern, reliable and secure cable transport systems that will conquer not only Russian, but also foreign market,’ he stressed.